To look throughBlushing Knees my eyes is to look through the lens of a camera. As an artist I find my inspiration in everyday images: The way the sunlight reflects through a window pane in the morning light, the way a shadow dances behind a child playing, the dramatic movement of candle’s light. All these things inspire me to capture unique photographs using light to create emotion: as though each image is an unwritten poem. I see life as a series of fleeting moments that, if not captured, will be lost forever.

   As a child I remember looking through my fathers’ photographs with wonder and awe. It was fascinating how a camera could capture such emotion and perspective on everyday moments in life. Since then I have been striving to evoke the same awe from my clients with each photograph.

My photography has taken me many places in recent years. My fierce love for detail and textures is what has driven me throughout my photography career and is reflected in my work. I plan on taking that attention to detail and applying it to every aspect of my art for the remainder of my career.


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